Herzlich Willkommen!

Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde der AG WiIng, liebe Studierende der TU Berlin,

die AG WiIng wird seit 35 Jahren von engagierten Studenten gestaltet, die ihre Ideen verwirklichen, Freundschaften knüpfen und vor allem wichtige Erfahrungen über das Studium hinaus sammeln.

Auf dieser Seite möchten wir euch über die AG sowie unsere Dachverbände, den VWI und ESTIEM, informieren.

Wir wünschen euch viel Vergnügen beim Durchstöbern unserer Homepage und ein erfolgreiches Sommersemester 2016.

Eure AG WiIng

Gruppenbild der AG (Weihnachten 2015)


[AG-WiIng] Orientierungstage SS2016

Vom 13.-15. April fanden die Orientierungstage des Sommersemesters 2016 für die neuen Studenten der Fakultät VII statt. Auftakt war eine Begrüßung durch Professor Hirth, Dekan der Fakultät VII, und den Vorsitzenden der GKWi, Professor von Hirschhausen, am Mittwochmorgen. Im Anschluss wurden die Erstsemester in kleinen Gruppen einem Mentor übergeben, der ihnen grundlegende Informationen zum Studienalltag erklärte und Fragen beantwortete. Die AG WiIng war hier mit vier Mentoren vertreten. Am Donnerstag wurden die angebotenen Vertiefungsrichtungen des Studienganges präsentiert und im Anschluss stellten sich die studentischen Initiativen auf einer Messe den “Ersties” vor. Abschließend wurde den Neuimmatrikuliert am Freitag mit den Vorschlägen für die Stundenpläne das für viele wohl wichtigste präsentiert.

Abgerundet wurden die Tage durch ein gemeinsames Rahmenprogramm. Wir bedanken uns bei den vielen freiwilligen Helfern und beim Fachschaftsteam für die gelungene Kooperation.


[ESTIEM] LII. Council Meeting Porto

From 12th to 18th April four members of our Local Group participated at the LII. Council Meeting Porto to represent Berlin. During this event with around 250 participants from all over Europe we worked on the future of ESTIEM. The delegates decided about the new board, project leaders and about the admittance of new local groups. In working group and trainings we had the chance to develop ourselves and ESTIEM.

After all the hard work we spent the evenings on experiencing Porto and meeting all the ESTIEMers. “Work hard, play hard” was present during the whole week.

Meeting so many diverse students united by the ESTIEM spirit was a unique experience and it is always a pleasure for us – AG WiIng Berlin – to be a part of this network.

A special thanks goes to LG Porto for organizing this event!


[ESTIEM] Members Committee Coordination Meeting

Our Local group Berlin organised the Members Committee Coordination Meeting from the 28th of March to the 1st of April in Berlin.
During the event, the participants worked on important topics including improving the support for local groups, how we communicate with the Local Groups, regulations and requirements, LG mentorship and human resources.

Besides the working sessions, ESTIEMers explored the German capital, learned about its history, the language, its night life and its interesting mix of sub-cultures!

We would like to thank the participants and Members Committee leader for the great event in Berlin. It was a pleasure for us to spend this week with you!


[ESTIEM] Europe3D in Baku, Azerbaijan

Last week Linda Riedinger and Tobias Krakau took place in the ESTIEM event Europe3D Azerbaijan, which was the first central ESTIEM event of LG Baku. They got to know Azerbaijan from three different dimensions: Politic, Economy and Culture. In the political session they talked to a Deputy of Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Chairman of Standing Committee of Youth and Sport. He explained the Azerbaijani political system and answered a lot of questions. After this session an active debate started from which everyone could learn a bit. The economic part was divided in two. There was an economic session with a former professor, now working at Central Bank of Azerbaijan and because the Azerbaijan economy is based on oil and gas, they visited the company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), which is the biggest fossil fuel company in Azerbaijan and one of the largest in the whole world. In the cultural dimension they had a cultural awareness training, where they improved their interaction with other cultures and countries. They also took part in “Nowruz” the Persian New Year, learned a lot about history, visited the city, cooked and danced in an Azerbaijani way and had a small language course.

For most of us it was one of the first contact with Azerbaijan and learned a lot. And not only from the session. Being part of a group of 25 people from 17 different countries you learn also about 17 other countries, yours included, and a lot about yourself and general interaction between people. Thank you a lot LG Baku, it was an amazing event, an experience you don’t want to miss in your life! #feelfreeto3DAzerbaijan


[ESTIEM] IT School Xanthi

From 22nd to 29th March Anika representing the IT department of our local group visited Xanthi to participate at the ESTIEM IT School about App Development on Android systems. In the ten lessons we learned a lot about programming an app beginning with the basics like designing different buttons to press moving then on to create a more complex app with sounds, notifications and more than only one activity.
After the lessons we had a lot of time to explore Xanthi with its beautiful old town and nature. Events like karaoke, bowling or the hacking game ensured a lot of fun in the evening.
The week was topped off with a speech given by the ceo of Regate S.A. about “How to build the next big” before we all travelled home with the pride having our own – very simple – app on our smartphone.
The ESTIEM LG Xanthi did a great job and now it’s time for:
Taking ESTIEM to a… smarter level!